Claudia Ciotti


Artist: Claudia Ciotti (Italy)

Title: Annunciazione

Date: 2010

Medium: Overglaze ceramic painted entirely by hand on a refractory plate, with ceramic oxides and with finish in opaque and shiny gold. The work is inserted in a wooden frame handcrafted with chalk, bolus and polished gold polished with agate stone.

Dimension (cm):

L 76


H 64


W 5

Weight (kg): 18,8

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Shipping included: No
Money Back: Yes

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Annunciazione is a work from Claudia Ciotti’s collection.

Annunciation. The work takes a picture, tempera on a panel executed by Gentile da Fabriano in about 1419, while Claudia Ciotti, made it on a refractory plate with enamels and gold. It is a classic example of how this artist intends to propose to the general public and in particular to lovers of the great masters of the past, masterpieces, which would otherwise only be visible in museums. She decided to dedicate her art, but at the same time to make it absolutely unique, adding the great difficulty that execution with this ceramic technique requires. The precision of the details, if they were painted on canvas or on a panel like the original, would be the minimum for a good painter, while painting on such difficult materials is absolutely an added value for any collector.

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