Claudia Ciotti

Announcing Angel and Virgin Announced

Artist: Claudia Ciotti (Italy)

Title: Angelo Annunciante e Vergine Annunciata

Date: 2010

Medium: Overglaze ceramic painted entirely by hand on a refractory plate, with ceramic oxides and finishing in matte gold, glossy gold and platinum. The work is inserted in a carved wooden frame, handcrafted with plaster and Armenian bole and covered completely by hand with gold sequin leaf.

Dimension (cm):

L 40


H 60


W 5

Weight (kg): 5,7 x 2

Shipping method: Ships in a Crate



Shipping included: No
Money Back: Yes

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Announcing Angel and Virgin Announced is an artwork belonging to Claudia Ciotti’s collection.

Claudia Ciotti has a particular fondness for the works of the great Masters of the first centuries of the second millennium. Among the masters who inspired her, we find Simone Martini (1284-1344), whose works are exhibited in the most important museums in the world. Ciotti wants to demonstrate all her admiration by taking up poses and subjects painted by Martini. In this case, she modifies and shapes with her technique as a ceramist painter. So, the artwork is not a copy, but she simply took inspiration from the masters. The use of the pictorial technique alongside the perfect knowledge of ceramic glazes is the fundamental element. Ciotti takes advantage of her years of experience in these areas of art. The attention to detail is even more enhanced by the difficulty of the technique used. In fact, when the color is put into the oven, its result can no longer be changed.

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