Marcela Ramírez-Aza


Artist: Marcela Ramírez-Aza (Colombia)

Title: Angel

Date: 2020

Medium: Painting, Oil, Acrylic, mixed media on wood

Dimension (cm):

L 80


H 80


W 5

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Money Back: Yes

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Angel, is a work from Marcela Ramirez-Aza’s collection.

Angel. In the artist’s dreamlike inspiration, the figure of an angel emerges in a bright light. In the painting, this figure appears who stretches his arms as if to indicate a road. This figure stands drawing strength from the light that surrounds him, but the earth appears to want to explode beneath him as if to capture him. The other character, white, brings out this impalpable figure, barely outlined by dark spots that allow us to perceive his strength and his negativity. This a new example of Marcela’s mastery of hers, in being able with just a few strokes to convey sensations even in strong contrast, sometimes as clear as light.

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