Marcela Ramírez-Aza


Artist: Marcela Ramírez-Aza (Colombia)

Title: Angel

Date: 2020

Medium: Painting, Oil, Acrylic, mixed media on wood

Dimension (cm):

L 80


H 80


W 5







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Angel, is a work of Marcela Ramirez-Aza’s collection.

In the artist’s dream inspiration, the figure of an angel emerges in intense light. In the painting, it seems to see this figure that stretches his arms as if to indicate a road. This figure stands drawing strength from the light that surrounds him and it seems that the earth wants to explode under him as if he wanted to reach him. The other, the white brings out this impalpable figure, which barely delineated by dark spots make it possible to sense its strength. This is the characteristic of Marcela’s abstract art, being able with a few strokes to convey sensations that are sometimes indecipherable, sometimes as clear as light.

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