Walter Capezzali

… and Theseus is ready…

Artist: Walter Capezzali (Italy)

Title: and Theseus is ready to enter the Labyrinth

Date: 2012

Medium: Paper

Dimension (cm):

L 92


H 63


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“… and then Theseus is ready to enter the Labyrinth” is an artwork by Walter Capezzali.

Here is the explanation of the artist. The story behind “and then Theseus is ready to enter the Labyrinth.” Dark Cave Labyrinth. Theseus is among the unfortunate young people walking in as an offer to the Minotaur. He wields a cudgel. The big black sailship is waiting. The crew will change the sail only if the young man will be able to go back. Meanwhile, Icarus has flown too near the sun and is falling towards the iced water of the Aegean Sea.
The last warm Greek sunbeam is running on the rock where the young hero is lying. Sunset shades are drawing out the sea. Here the artist (Walter Capezzali), referring to Homer’s poem and Greek myths, recalls how the fear of the unknown or the monster often leads us to predict negative situations or tragedies, which do not always turn into reality. The hero is Theseus, destined to die. Actually, with the help of “Arianne’s thread”, he will succeed where many have failed. He will kill the beast, and free his people from the oppression of tyranny. The monster is the emblem of this tyranny, but at the same time, he will lose a person very dear to him, his son Icarus. Icarus is the emblem of swagger and inexperience. In “… and Theseus is ready to enter the Labyrinth”, the artist, with a few images translates what life teaches: nothing is achieved without paying a price. And the higher the target, the higher the price to pay. Conquering freedom has a price and it is always very high.

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