Nola Bouza

Amenaza incandescente 2

Artist: Nola Bouza (Uruguay)

Title: Amenaza incandescente 2

Date: 2019

Medium: Acrilic on linen

Dimension (cm):

L 40


H 60


W 1







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Amenaza incandescente 2, is a work of Nola Bouza collection.

Amenaza incandescente 2. Forest fires unleash serious damage to the land where it spreads, the burning fire incinerates everything in its path, burning everything that lives to turn it into ash, prevention becomes very important to avoid its transformation an incandescent threat, which is destroying everything it touches, everything is dyed with orange reds, I like to compare fire with anger, it must also be prevented and treated before it develops and bars with everything in its path, nature shows us that we are part of us and gives us messages with its similarities, which are because we are all part of it.

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