The Ages. Carnival of Youth


Title: The Ages. Carnival of Youth

Date: 2017

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 50


H 70








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The Ages. Carnival of Youth, is a work of Safir-Rifas’s collection.

The Ages. Carnival of Youth. The painting is inspired by Youth and Summer, respectively one of the four seasons of life and nature. This painting represents the Carnival of youth, that is the period of life in which the human being begins to become aware of himself, of his abilities, of his own sexuality. It is that phase of life in which everything is lived with greater carefree, sometimes with lightness or recklessness, exactly like in a carnival party, where by hiding behind a mask you can do what in reality is not always allowed. Here is Youth is a mask that allows every human being to fantasize or dream of great goals or accomplish acts, but once it is removed and we pass to Maturity, it brings us back to the concreteness of everyday life and all that it means for good or bad.

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