Erika Litteral

A View of room 84

Artist: Erika Litteral (USA)

Title: A View of room

Date: 2021

Medium: Digital art print on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 61


H 46


Shipping method: Ships in a Tube



Shipping included: Yes
Money Back: Yes

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A View of Room is an artwork belonging to Erika Litteral’s collection.

This odd room is a classic form of surrealism. Up is down, and down is up. The room is not full of water, yet you can find some octopuses. The headless men fit pretty well in the room. Combine all these aspects, and the flow is smooth and comes together. I would like to see this room and all its wackiness in real life. I can even imagine the crazy sounds that would happen too. It looks like an exciting place to visit if you are open-minded to the unusual.

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