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African worlds

With Walters Angu’s paintings.

The Virtual Exhibition of Artnuances Gallery has a double function:

  • highlight each time one of the artists present in our gallery

  • explain to the public why that artist was invited.

On this occasion, the artist to whom we dedicated the Virtual Exhibition is Che Walters Angu, more simply known as Angu Walters.

This young Cameroonian painter has the magnificent ability to convey his world in his paintings, in many ways still tied to tribal traditions, where Western civilization has fortunately not managed to take root.

In itself one might think that he lives in a lost world, made of music, of genuine feelings, in reality his paintings hide a much more serious and grave situation.

The life of him and his family is constantly put at risk by a very difficult political and social situation, where the population is under the constant threat of armed gangs that compete for the territory and the riches that abound in those lands. Freedom, as we understand it in the West, is far from being a reality, and therefore Angu, thanks to his art, not only “metaphorically” escapes from that world, but thanks to his paintings he can economically support his family. A family that also has the distinction of having welcomed other children who have been orphaned of their parents, giving them the comfort of a real family and a home to stay in.

In Angu’s paintings we find many emotions, sometimes they are embedded in the mosaic of colors with which he composes his paintings. We will find love, joy, but also sadness, even if in their complex elaboration all of his works, at a superficial glance, fundamentally transmit joy.

So you are welcome to enter and enjoy this new exhibition, we invite you to look carefully at his works and you will be amazed at how many facets will come out of it.

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Che Walters Angu

I was born in 1980, originally from the Mazam district in the northwestern region of Cameroon and my studio is located in the northwestern city of Bamenda, which has been at the center of a brutal civil war since 2017.

Perhaps there are not many more remote places than this, where an artist could be, and where a person who tries to emerge from the darkness, has to face obstacles of this magnitude.

I started as a student of the well-known Cameroonian artist of American origin Nzante Spee.

My style has been defined as a journey from Cubism to Surrealism and aimed at a naive caricature, but full of provocative humor that culminates in a pictorial world in which all these expressions are mixed in the aesthetic call of the age of fusion.

Long before the war, I was a member of the “Melting Age Band, MAB” led by the late Spee. And from this passion of mine, never dormant, my works dedicated to music and musicians are born.

In fact, the passion for painting began as a boy who experimented with the ink of different pen colors, mixed them and applied them on torn cardboard, which was sometimes hung on the walls of his mother’s living room. My mother one day invited Spee to take a look at what I was doing with the materials I could find in my environment. And a short time later, thanks to Spee who took me to his workshop and guided me on how to improve my skills, I was able to create my first real paintings. Since then, I’ve had a professional revolution with a lot of inspiration drawn from my fine arts mentor.

My works are exhibited in galleries around the world and in the National Museum of Cameroon in Yaoundé. Following the pattern established by my own mentor. I have helped lead a number of younger artists, although artists are not highly regarded in the society I currently live in, but they are a hope for the future.

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