About us

Meet Svetlana and Patrizio, the founders of Artnuances Gallery. Svetlana has a university education in the Humanities, I in Economics. Our paths crossed over ten years ago, while we were collaborating on a project in artistic textiles.

While coming from different professional backgrounds, we immediately understood that together we were able to do unusual and interesting things in the world of culture and art.

Prior to this new adventure with Artnuances Gallery, we had the opportunity to try our hands in various situations, creating important cultural exhibitions in Moscow, Brussels, Rome, as well as in other parts of Italy.

We have carried out ambitious projects for the Vatican and mounted other special and unique museum exhibitions, both physical and virtual.

We have immersed ourselves in the world of art mediation and this has allowed us to expand our knowledge internationally. In 2014 we decided to open our own company in London, one of the most important centers for the art market, and from there the online gallery was a more than natural step.

When we made this decsion, we asked ourselves: “Why should an artist choose to exhibit in our Gallery and why should a customer buy from us?”

The answer was: “Because we will select the artists exclusively on the basis of the sensations they transmit to us, regardless of whether they are established or not. The important thing will be the originality of their works. As a result, customers will know that they will always find artists who are special, never banal! ”

We hope our Art Boutique will meet with your favor. For our part, we will always put all our effort and our professionalism to offer you works of art that are able to engage and excite you.


Patrizio Staibano

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